Hey Uncle Tuck here, and this episode of Life according to Uncle Tuck is about doing the legwork, especially when it comes to web designers. Far too often I see posts where people ask for help but they’re not clear with their needs.

Those looking to have a website created.

Please do yourself a major favor. Take a moment and write down (yes write down) what it is you want in a website… ecommerce, subscriptions, calendar bookings, email lists etc.

When you start your search.

With your web designer bring all of this up and be sure that they (the designer) takes the time to address each and every need and how they will address those needs in the creation of your website.

I see all too often

People searching for web designers but not being clear in what they need, and only being concerned about who’s cheapest. And cheap and affordable ARE NOT the same thing. Please know not all web designers are equal. Find a designer that can explain the plus and minuses of the variety of web hosting services out here as well as define how your needs for your site will be met.

I have a client who is paying WAAAAY too much money for hosting services compared to her true needs.

But her ‘web designer’ came recommended from a circle of friends and that is the platform they ‘create’ on. Which is why I say you need to be absolutely clear in what it is you want your website to be and have the designer take the time to go over how they will address your needs while discussing the cost. Somethings may need to be trimmed in order to meet YOUR BUDGET.

You got to have a realistic view of what you can afford and what you want.

Being thorough will save you in the long run and will clear the lane of those who can build a site through raw coding, and those who only know WYSIWYG builders. Bottom line have plenty of questions and expect plenty of answers from qualified designers.

So check out the episode and until next time Peace and Love folks.

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