Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lindsey Epps-Tucker a photographer, web designer, former DJ, blogger, and vlogger from Delaware (yay President Biden)

On this podcast I am going to discuss a variety of things from my travels. From the stories that cover a tad over 4 decades to all that I have done which make for some ass cool stories. And will allow a slight peek into my world.

Now each episode will not be in a chronological order based on the story as I will do some time jumps based on how I feel. For example, I may talk about when I started as a DJ (which started in the early 80’s) to having a squad of strippers and going from club to club (this is the early/mid 90’s) to living in Philly (early 2000’s) up to the present day and time (yes every day is an adventure).

(So) To keep the peace many who are in these stories I still have contact with no real names will be used. See I may be willing to share these stories but many other may not care to relive the foolishness or comical nights we spent together. So, no real names will be used outside of mine or anyone who wishes to have their name shared.

As for the frequency of these episodes, right now, it will be a biweekly thing till it picks up, which at that time I would love to be dropping a new episode once a week.

SO, there you have it all about this Podcast which I look forward to sharing my stories with everyone.



*Podcaster *Photographer *Blogger *Web & Graphic Designer *Music and Video Production