A Journey of Changing Leisure activities


My leisure activities have evolved over the years, from going out to clubs to listen to old-school hip-hop to listening to classic and acid jazz to unwind at home. Come with me as I discuss the pleasures of reading a good book while lounging in the afternoon on a patio.

A keyboard and headphones

Reflection and self-awareness

Through reflection and self-awareness, I have realized that my favorite pastimes have undergone a tremendous transformation throughout the years. Whereas I used to be drawn to the exciting energy of busy bars and the captivating sounds of old school hip-hop, I now find myself drawn to the soothing allure of classic and acid jazz.

Jazz painting

Permit me to share with you the great pleasure I have when indulging in a favorite pastime on a beautiful day: relaxing in the warm sunshine on my patio while listening to calming music and delving into the intriguing world of a fantastic book. Come along as I revel in the perfect harmony of soothing jazz beats, the warm embrace of the sun, and the enchanting pages that transport me far from the din of the outside world. Discovering the transforming potential of these precious moments together, where calm and escape weave a web of contentment, is our mission.

The dramatic shift

This dramatic shift illustrates how dramatically shifting our focus may improve our health, happiness, and sense of purpose. Come with me as we uncover the incredible happiness that may be yours simply by opening your mind to new ideas and taking comfort in the little things in life. Let us rejoice in the miraculous strength of change and the remarkable serenity that can be found in the most unexpected of locations. Dive into the world of self-improvement and see how changing our outlook and how we spend our free time may bring us lasting happiness. Enjoy the deep satisfaction that comes from reading interesting literature, lounging in the sun on a peaceful terrace, and listening to the smooth sounds of classic and acid jazz. Uncover the benefits of accepting change and the riches that lie in the land of tranquility.


Getting older has a way of changing the way we relax and the things we enjoy. These days I’m spending more time at home, listening to hip hop and sipping on some of my favorite drinks. #oldschoolfun #relaxtime #enjoythemoment #hiphop #uncletuck #chilltime #goodtimes #sparetime #heyuncletuck #boredinde

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