Hey Uncle Tuck, here “Your Uncle’s Favorite Uncle

and thanks for checking out the Life According to Uncle Tuck podcast.

Now depending on how you found this podcast, you may be wondering who is Uncle Tuck????

Well, I’m Uncle Tuck…

And besides being a podcaster, I’m a web and graphic designer, Photographer, and occasion I make music and edit videos.

I been around a while, and I do get around a lot (not like that LOL)

 I recently retired from my day gig and finally branched out into the world of entrepreneurship

And I’m really enjoying the freedom and learning how to be a master of my own time and schedule

As well as utilizing my resources and networking capabilities

For the most part it will be just me sharing some stories or chatting it up about pop culture or current events.

On occasion I’ll have a few friends over on the podcast to join me in discussion.

I’ll also have an email that you can ask questions or share your thoughts about the show.

Personally, I’m excited to be launching this new podcast.

It will allow me to be me totally unfiltered.

I will add that any stories from my past that I decide to share I will be omitting names of those involved as many may not be totally interested in rehashing up memories (whether good or bad).

And if I do drop a name, it’s under either one of these conditions:

  1. I advised them of what I’m talking about and they’re good with it.
  2. Or I just don’t give two flies smashed and I’m dropping the names anyway LOL

Hey since you’re listening

Let me tell you about a show that my lady and I attended at the City Winery in Philly.

This was the 2nd show we attended but imma share this one because I was so into the performance I damn near forgot she was with me.

And she was quick to let me know she was RIGHT there.

KeKe Wyatt was performing and let me tell you she looks freaking fabulous for a mother of 10, shit she just looks fabulous.

So in between songs she did a lil twerk to show the audience she got that fatty (and do)

She turns around and the audience is clapping and all, and here go my thirsty ass yelling out….

Oooh I wanna see that twerk again.

No sooner than I finished saying what I had to say I felt a sharp but not overly hard slap on the back of my head.

Yup it was my lady letting me know I should have been using my inside voice.

No matter it was worth the slap as she did another quick twerk again, so I was good for the remainder of the evening LOL

Now if you haven’t see Keke live, do yourself a favor and follow her on IG and make it your life’s mission to catch her next show.

Especially if she has her band with her.

As this wasn’t our first time seeing her

We saw her a while back in NJ she was the opening act and she didn’t have a band with her

Just some backing tracks, which didn’t matter because she killed it then too

But at the City Winery it was more of a intimate setting and was a much better experience

We had a great time there but let me share this with you.

The seating at City Winery is kiddie table tight

Meaning that the tables they have for groups of 4 really should be for 2

I literally felt like I was sitting at the kids table during dinner

Luckily enough the ladies that sat with us were mad cool and we all enjoyed the show

I kinda think they enjoyed my slap on the back of the head too but its all good LOL

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  1. She is awesome I bought tracey tickets for her birthday few years back she was in dc that’s tracey favorite artist besides Whitney Houston she also met her in Atlanta Airport at a popeys at all places.

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