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Chelsea Tavern

Lunch Meeting

Today was a good damn day as one of my client’s decided to do lunch as we discussed their needs for their ecommerce store. Little did I know they were going to choose one of my favorite places to grub… Chelsea Tavern in downtown Wilmington.

Let’s just say I was quick to accept the meet as I was kinda hungry but wasn’t sure what I was going to do for lunch up until this point.

Burger and a Beer

I knew from the jump I was going to get a burger and a beer. I have my usual burger that I normally get when I’m there. But this time I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and try the Rojo Crunch Burger.

And I’m oh so glad I did step out my comfort zone as that burger was so delicious. It practically melted with every bite. As for the beer portion I stuck with my guns and got a Guinness draft.

Great meeting

Outside of scarfing down this delicious meal. We did hammer out several things and I am happy to say that I can move forward with this client and I look to see what we create and how Lindsey Epps Media can help their brand.

Be sure to check out the great food and service at Chelsea Tavern

Rojo Crunch Burger

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